Sometimes ART is difficult. It can be difficult to create, to express or to share. How does one express what is felt deep down inside? Some choose the spoken or written word. Others use music or movement. There are also those that use a visual format. I’ve always been a visual and tactile person. Responding emotionally to what I perceive as beauty has been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. Beauty for me rests mainly in the form, color, pattern, unity and texture of the pieces in the tubular wrappings of this series.

Some of my fiber sculptures evoke memories of Louise Nevelson. They are assemblages not as solid or as heavy, but nonetheless compilations of like things brought together through color, shapes and patterns. This is a type of Junk Art handed down from Picasso’s invention early in the twentieth century; a sculpture of accumulation.

In my work as a visual art teacher, I see the need and benefit for recycling. Our ever decreasing world, our limited resources and our wasteful tendencies need to be addressed. The statement I make with these sculptures is that beauty can be created through the common items we normally toss away without a second thought. I invite you to look deep inside. Find surprises and contemplate what you feel when you are viewing. Are there memories stimulated? Are there sights, sounds and smells that are triggered? I don’t need an answer. Success was in watching each piece evolve.