Bouquets are flowers bound together.

My journey for Strange Bouquets began when a friend gave me several small ceramic balls she had used to test glazes. Those along with a box of odds and ends lead me to an exploration of unique flowers set in unusual bouquets.

Wrapping found objects with fibers, adding embellishments, and creating flowers from my imagination is what makes this series of strange bouquets a part of my “Greening of Fine Art”.

Dellis Frank

Moon Pod Bouquet
Mixed Media: fibers, ceramic, wood, acrylic

Fancy Fern Bouquet
Mixed Media: fiber, beads, wood, wire, acrylic

Sunflower Bouquet
Mixed Media: glass, fiber, beads, wire, plastic

Coral Bouquet
Mixed Media: fiber, wood, beads, wire, plastic, acrylic

Cosmic Bouquet
Mixed Media: fiber, wood, beads, wire, acrylic